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Bella Kinesis: empowering women, 1 sports bra at a time

Alright guys I’m way over-due on this exciting news, but it’s super exciting never-the-less so GUESS WHAT?! I’m now an official ambassador for Bella Kinesis; an activewear start-up based in London. A while ago I saw this new brand pop-up on the Health Bloggers Community page and decided to check them out. I pretty much instantly decided I loved the concept, and here’s why:

  1. The clothes are cute and I’m forever a sucker for cute gym clothes
  2. The founders Roshni and Shaleena have an awesome story I totally respect
  3. With every sale, they donate to a charity in India that funds business education for women

That was enough to get me like k… I need to collaborate with these guys. Well, turns out they were looking for brand ambassadors so VOILA! 


A few weeks ago I went to London for the weekend and naturally had to contact Shaleena and Roshni to see if we could meet up. I had Skyped with Shaleena before and she emphasized how much they loved having an actual relationship with their ambassadors (got me falling in love with Bella Kinesis more and more by the minute), so I met up with the two for a tea (cuz ya know, #fitgirls meet up for tea dates not coffee dates). All in all it was one of those things where their friendship was so real and adorable I couldn’t help but leave our tea-date smiling. I remember messaging Stef right after saying “they remind me of us!”. It’s one of those friendships where you can just feel how in sync they are, finishing each others sentences, joking around, giving each other good banter etc. Basically they’re just adorable and I had such a good time chatting with them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.54.42 PM

They’re super new so they only have 1 collection for the time being, but with 3 different sports bras, 3 different tops, a pair of leggings, shorts and a hoodie, you’ve got lots to chose from. This collection is really based on that classic minimalist pattern blocks style, in different tones of turquoise, royal blue, black and silver. They also gave me a little insight on what their next collection will look like and daamn y’all need to stay posted for this one.

Obviously I couldn’t resist getting some of their pieces, and since I’m a sucker for a cute sports bra, I got their Mesh Well bra and their Pyramid Bra.

Alright so that’s all well and good, but wanna hear the best part?! Through my discount code you actually get 15% off all their pieces! Like wuuuutttt, cute clothes, discounted price, part of which goes to charity like what a TRIPLE win. My discount code is: STF15 – SO GO CHECK EM OUT NOW FELLAZ –>

I’m such a strong believer in female empowerment, and especially how this can be done through exercise. This part I pulled straight from the mouths of Roshni and Shaleena cuz I couldn’t say it better myself: “Exercise not only makes women physically stronger, but also leaves them feeling more confident and empowered. We can give this same feeling to other women by helping them start their own businesses. As one woman shares her force with another, she creates a chain reaction. We call it ‘strength for strength’.”


So there you have it. Whenever I find companies like Roshni and Shaleena’s; ones that are really working for a better purpose, I can’t help but support them 150%. So go check out their stuff and join the movement. 



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