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1 day detox with Good Organic Only

Last week was the launching of Good Organic Only, a Parisian juice company, in the beautiful N’vY Hotel in Geneva. I was invited to attend the press day of the launch, which obviously I was happy to attend cuz woohoo cold-pressed juices are finally coming to Switzerland?! Yup I know, anywhere in the world you can probably find them at the gas station, but here it’s literally unheard of. In any case, the event was really nice, with lots of juice sipping while chatting with the other attendees and a little presentation given by the two founders of the company; Valerie Espinasse, the nutritionist behind the products and Mareva Galanter, former actress and Miss France (the pretty face and probably main selling point behind the product). I really liked the juices they had set out to sample, and when we left they gifted us with one of their new detox packs: the Sunny Detox. 


Before I go on I just want to set one thing straight. I’m not a detox person. I’m not against them, as I think there can be benefits, but juice detoxes are in no way necessary. If our body needed expensive, organic, cold-pressed celery extract to remove the toxins from our body, man our species would not have gotten past it’s living bacteria state 4 billion years ago let alone have grown to a population of over 7 billion. Our body detoxifies itself and selling the idea that we need these pricy AF vegetable waters to detox our system is pretty much the best marketing plan in the world. That being said, I have done 1 day detoxes in the past and I would happily do them again for several reasons:

  1. I like the light feeling of having just juice for the day, I usually end up going to the bathroom 50 times and I feel somewhat “cleansed”
  2. It’s a good way to max out on micronutrients for the day. Even though I eat enough spinach on a daily basis to make Popeye’s green-game look weak, it’s always nice to fuel up on different fruits and veggies that give tons of nutrients that I don’t necessarily include in my diet daily.
  3. Change is good. I believe in switching up your diet, your routine, and a 1-day juice detox for me is the perfect way to do a little something different that makes me feel good (plus saves me some time since I don’t have to spend an hour in the morning meal prepping for the day)

Now back to Good Organic Only…

The juice cleanse I was gifted with was the Sunny Detox. This detox includes 6 organic, cold-pressed juices to be drank throughout one day. The idea behind this detox is to “get you ready for summer” by giving you a healthy glow, getting you bikini-ready, preparing your skin for sun exposure (ingredients were chosen specifically for their UV-ray protecting properties) and allowing you fill up on all those vitamins and minerals.

IMG_1335 (1)

Was I hungry?

This is probably one of the main questions asked. “Omg you only drank juice all day? I’d die”. Weeeeell if that’s what your scared of, this detox has you covered. The juices are huge, and weirdly enough, super thick.

At one point I wasn’t even sure if this was a juice detox or a smoothie detox.

From my understanding of juice detoxes, they’re supposed to have no fibre in order to give your digestive system a complete rest. These juices however were super fibre-y.

I also know juice detoxes are supposed to be mostly vegetables with only a few fruit to help in terms of taste, but these were mostly fruit. I mean I’m not complaining, drinking what is basically a mango, passion fruit smoothie, tasty AF but like… not really the point of a juice detox.

The juices are mostly fruit therefore pretty packed with sugar, so quite calorific as well. The calorie-count is written on the bottles and I calculated a total of 1, 429 calories for the full day detox. Obviously this is less than what I usually eat, but it’s pretty much the calorie-count I’d eat on a low-calorie rest day. Seems quite high to me for a juice detox.


How did they taste?

I dunno if you’ve got it by now, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of this detox. However, I’ll give em something.

The juices were heeellla tasty.

When Mareva Galanter spoke at the event she explained that their goal was to make juice detoxes that could be enjoyed by everyone. I totally get that and I’m sure that those who really can’t stomach the green stuff that kinda tastes like chewed up cow food really appreciate it. However I do find that they went a little too far with this one, tried too hard to make it “accessible”, compromising the health aspect which is somewhat the purpose of a detox no?

All in all…

So I have to say although the juices were delicious, it felt to me like even more of a scam than normal detoxes. I’m gonna be diplomatic however and say that the Sunny Detox (Cure Solaire) mostly stressed it’s sun-protecting benefits rather than the traditional juice detox benefits. Buuuut I mean once you use the word “detox” in there it’s sort of implied. The company does have other detoxes though, that seem to use more vegetables than this one so it’s possible that this is sort of their “easy way out” kinda detox for people that want to be “healthy” but don’t want to come near any type of vegetable or salad. Kind of like getting a triple choc, extra whip, iced mocha-caramel frappuccino but with skim-milk. Health.

If you wanna try their juices and just have em as a snack juice cuz they’re super yummy you can pick them up at Tag’s Cafe in N’vY Hotel, Geneva, or at their store in Paris. They also deliver all over France.

Also if any of you have tried one of their other detoxes let me know! I’d love to know how it was in comparison
🙂 xx

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  • Gioia
    May 30, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Thank you for your honest post. I just found your blog last week and I’m pleased by your posts and your sincerity. I also live in Geneva, I’m a native so my mother tongue is French but I’m glad to visit your blog and Insta account.
    Thank you for who you are 🙂 I wish you all the best in Australia!

    • Victoria S.
      June 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      Thank you for your comment!!!
      And I’m really glad if you like my blog 🙂
      Have a lovely rest of the week!